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No Quit Living Podcast

Jan 18, 2018

Welcome to Episode 87 of the No Quit Living Podcast.

NQL is a personal development podcast designed to help listeners achieve their goals and desires. Through hearing the inspiring stories and tips from the greats, we will all find it easier to stay motivated.

Thom Singer is the host of the "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" podcast. His show is really cool and comes from humble beginnings. It started as a blog titled "Cool Things My Friends Do," but once he realized people who didn't know him might not click his show if the title was "Cool Things Thom Singer's Friends Do," he changed the title to something more appropriate. This was easy for him, as many of his friends are also entrepreneurs! Thom's story is filled with acts of persistence and perseverance. He talks about people going from starting a regular podcast to evolving into an "occasional podcast." A lot of people give up when they see their number of downloads in the beginning, not realizing that it took Thom 300 episodes to really start seeing growth and traction. We at NQL are on episode 87 and are thankful for all of you for listening and downloading, and can't wait to see our growth between now and episode 300. In addition to Thom's philosophies about perseverance and not quitting, he also points out that in life, although it can be difficult, it's always best to be slow to anger and quick to forgiveness.