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No Quit Living Podcast

Apr 12, 2018

Welcome to Episode 111 of the No Quit Living Podcast.

NQL is a personal development podcast designed to help listeners achieve their goals and desires. Through hearing the inspiring stories and tips from the greats, we will all find it easier to stay motivated.

Ryan Hodge is a very successful entrepreneur, speaker, coach and consultant. He truly does it all, and shared a lot of great value in today's episode.

His no-quit story that he shares is one of many, and happened in his early twenties. His girlfriend, who he thought he was going to marry at the time was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and unfortunately passed away. Ryan was devastated, as anyone would be, and turned to drugs to help cope. 

Of course, this wasn't anything but a bandaid to the problem and ultimately would create more problems, but today he is completely clean.

Ryan defines success as a toxic replacement for fulfillment - In other words, society defines success in a certain way and tells us that we need it in order to feel fulfilled, but the two are definitely not synonymous.