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No Quit Living Podcast

Jun 22, 2017

Welcome to Episode 28 of the No Quit Living Podcast.

NQL is a personal development podcast designed to help listeners achieve their goals and desires. Through hearing the inspiring stories and tips from the greats, we will all find it easier to stay motivated and never quit.

Have you ever wanted to join the CIA?? Not the Central Intelligence Agency, but perform Consistent, Imperfect Action to lead yourself to success. Calvin Wayman speaks on this and the importance of persistence in today's episode. After Wayman quit his day job and moved his family to California, he got a job doing door to door sales in hopes to build his skill as a salesman. For six days straight he knocked on over seventy doors daily and closed zero deals. It wasn't until day seven that he finally got his first sale, and that didn't come easy. Persistence truly is the key to success, and if you're working towards a big goal, Calvin's story is sure to inspire you to continue persisting especially when things are tough.


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